Colour Atlas of Ectomycorrhizae – Vol. 10

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  • 1997
The world-wide accepted standard work for determination and illustrations of ectomycorrhizae -... mehr
Produktinformationen "Colour Atlas of Ectomycorrhizae – Vol. 10"

The world-wide accepted standard work for determination and illustrations of ectomycorrhizae - Vol.10

The COLOUR ATLAS depicts the habit of ectomycorrhizae as well as the functionally important features of many fungal relationships and of the most important ectomycorrhizal tree genera and is going to include ectomycorrhizae from all over the world. The COLOUR ATLAS is meanwhile a world-wide accepted and bought standard work for determination and illustrations of ectomycorrhizae, which is continuously supplemented by pictures of and information on ectomycorrhizae of additional fungi. Many of the provided illustrations show ectomycorrhizae which are identified to fungal species level, and several plates depict unidentified ectomycorrhizae, of which the fungal component is not known yet. But these samples bear their own, internationally standardized and applicable names.
The heart piece of the COLOUR ATLAS are the folded, four-page plates, which can separately be arranged in any mode, whatever users prefer. The cover page of each plate is destined for four colour photos, the second page contains legends for all pictures, information on ecology and fruitbody illustrations, and frequently in addition data on ectomycorrhiza ecology. On the remaining two pages, half-tone photos depict important anatomical features. Dichotomous keys for determination of ectomycorrhizae, each based upon a tree genus, and comprehensive synoptic tables enable users to determine ectomycorrhizae. A glossary, explanations of important features, cbeck lists as guides to prepare descriptions of ectomycorrhizae, keys and illustrations of the anatomy of main roots, comprehensive references, and lists of contributors complement the COLOUR ATLAS.


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